Favorite Part of the Closet – Closet Doors

When it comes to organizing a closet, there are many pre-made kits that include components like shelving, racks, cubbies, accessory organizers and hanging rods. These units or kits make life a lot easier and they are a great way to optimize wardrobe and accessory storage spaces.

But what about the closet door?

Not so important if you have a fully functioning door. But if you’ve just built or rebuilt your closet, there’s a good chance you’re now in need of a door. Or, it could be that it’s time to upgrade your existing doors for something better.

Whatever the case, here are a few helpful ways for you to quickly get up to speed of what is out there in the world of closet doors.

For one, consider this, the most popular closet doors for a walk in closet are traditionally the “standard swinging door”. If you have a walk in closet or just built one, these doors are easy to buy, even if you have a custom size opening that needs to be fit. Wood types available for the standard door include: cherry, walnut, pine, poplar, oak, ash and mahogany. For a less expensive option, hollow core doors are a fraction of the cost.

Another popular closet door is the bifold door. These closet doors are typically two, and fold to the right and left of the closet entrance. This way of opening means that you can have a full view of your closet and its’ contents. For d├ęcor, the good news is that there are a number of styles from which to choose. These include: raised and flat panel, Arts and Crafts, Mission, louvered, mirrored and more.

And finally, another closet door choice is the sliding door. These doors, also referred to as bypass doors, are very common in small apartments and condominiums. Unfortunately, the down-side to them is that unless the closet door is designed to slide and disappear into the wall, one panel will be block part of the view of your closet.

Door Hardware

In order to install one of the listed types of closet doors, you will need specific hardware which can be found at a good hardware store. Hardware required for the bifold and sliding closet doors includes an aluminum or steel track along with a number of other components.