Sliding Closet Doors: A Buyer’s Primer

Many reasons exist for installing sliding closet doors. Those that were originally included in your home might not be operating correctly, for example, or maybe you’d prefer to install a mirrored variation. Perhaps the actual wardrobe door track or roller has fallen apart and you need to build new ones. Regardless of the reason or reasons, there are several fundamental ideas to consider when you plan to go about replacing them.

First, before getting into the designs of them and other aspects, you need to measure the doors and jambs that are already there. While it might seem an obvious step, many homeowners skip it and wish they hadn’t. You’ll need the exact of dimensions prior to you heading to the shop to purchase a brand new set of closet panels.

You’ll find all types of from wood to steel, at just about any kind of hardware store. You might want to look around a little prior to deciding on the door you intend to buy. The web is actually a great place to start your window-shopping, just be sure to do the final judging in person. The only way to know the quality, the finish and the overall style and how it suits your personality is face to face.

Ensure that the kind of sliding closet door that’s selected matches the feel of the room where it will be installed as well as the remaining house. If your home has one style, try not to pick a style that comes out of left field. It’s also important to buy for the person or persons who will be using the door on a regular basis. Generally, children tend to require much sturdier types than grownups do, for example.

Cheaper Is Not Better – Neither Is More Expensive

There are many types to consider. They are available at varying costs – but buyer beware: the cheapest nor the most expensive are usually the best choice of all. How well-crafted the door is should be the primary consideration. A poorly made door that looks good should only be considered in rooms where it serves an ornamental purpose.

Pre-Finished Or Not?

Color is the next consideration. You can purchase them already painted or stained. Another option would be to buy a wood doorway that’s incomplete and stain or paint it on your own. This can reduce the cost considerably in many cases. Of course, the door will need to be painted and dry prior to installation.

Swapping Out Old For New Doors

Old sliding doors are easy to pop out. If there’s a locking mechanism, it’s easy to shut off. The existing track will also need to be removed as will all of the hardware. In its place, follow the new doors’ instructions and install the new track and hardware. From there, it should be a cinch to pop in the new one and use them. A lot of newer sliding doors already come with the rollers pre-installed, which makes this process even easier. Once the new sliding closet doors are on their tracks, preferably by two people, they should move efficiently and be ready for years of use.